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Delivery & transport of ALCOR & MIZAR

December 2022

Delivery & transport of mgt ALCOR & mgt MIZAR

On December 17th , both mgt ALCOR and mgt MIZAR left TeamCo Shipyard and set sail to Rotterdam.
The two vessels have been fully certified by Bureau Veritas and will be transported to Golf de Fos

In the early morning on December 18th , the Yacht Servant (DYT Yacht Transport) started preparations to receive the ALCOR and MIZAR onboard. At noon, we’ve been called to enter the transport ship and both vessels were successfully docked onboard.

The Yacht Servant left December 22nd and is expected to unload the gastankers December 29th.

We would like to thank KemOne and it’s building team for their thrust and cooperation during the design and build of the two gastankers.

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