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Delivery push barges Rivka and Jose

April 2023

Delivery push barges Rivka and Jose

On Friday 14-04-2023, TeamCo Shipyard handed over the push barges Jose and Rivka to De Heus veevoederfabrieken BV.
These are the first 2 pushed barges of a series of a total of 8. A total of 5 pushed barges with a capacity of 550 tons and 3 pushed barges with a capacity of 1250 tons.

The pushed barges were built in Poland and completed in Heusden.

Supervision of the construction was done by skipper Aart Vos, who sailed for De Heus for many years. After his retirement, Aart found sufficient time to supervise the construction for De Heus. The construction in Poland as well as the finishing in the Netherlands has been completed to the full satisfaction of De Heus and within the agreed time schedule. The for De Heus known suppliers van Wijk for the bow thrusters and Blommaert for the cargo hatches delivered an important contribution. The barges will be used by de Heus to supply all factories with the necessary raw materials at the right time to make the many types of animal feed that de Heus produces in its factories.

During the delivery of the Rivka and the Jose, the next 2 barges will sail in to be completed.

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